C#7 MeetUp with Mad Torgersen

C#7 MeetUp with Mad Torgersen post image

One of the best MeetUps in ages, covering the new features in C# version 7 and the plans for the future of the language.  Thanks to Marcus, Mads and Auckland Dot Net. One of the cool new features of C#7 is pattern matching in case statements. It is important to understand that variables declared inside a [...]

Nelson Lakes – Lake Angelus

Nelson Lakes – Lake Angelus post image

Three days starting at Saint Arnaud along the swollen Speargrass creek up to Speargrass hut.  An awesome trek in to the South Island back country. The Speargrass hut was a welcome sight after the tail end of ex-cyclone Cook swelled the rivers and an especially heavy shower ensured we got saturated. Someone left a lovely [...]

Browser dev tools and javascript’s console.log

Browser dev tools and javascript’s console.log post image

Javascript development for the web is much improved with the F12 dev tools built-in to modern browsers.  While it is possible to use these tools for plethora reasons, my current favourite feature is the console log. To access the dev tools press F12 and open the dev tools window, then click on the console tab.  I also [...]

Recommended audio books

In this third post in my recommendations series, here is a list of audio books I’ve loved and revisit occasionally.  Audio books are great for when you’re travelling and at other times when your eyes need a rest.  Some people recommend increasing the playback speed to 1.2x – 1.5x normal, however unless the content is sparse I find this [...]

Recommended software and utilities

Albeit somewhat later than a week since my last post, due to work requirements and moving this site to a new cloud hosting company, here’s the second post in the recommended series on software for software developers. Downloadable tools for software development Visual Studio – powerful integrated software development environment.  Heavy-weight with massive complexity and functionality, [...]

Recommendations for reading online

Thought it might be fun to compile a list of my favourite ‘go-to’ places on the Internet.  The list got too long for one post so I’ve had to break it in to a series based on categories, and so accordingly here’s the first in the series with recommendations for reading online. Enjoy! Technology and Science [...]

Compiled regular expressions in dot net

Compiled regular expressions (regex) can be a great way to improve the performance of your code, but it does have some dangers. This post describes the use-case for compiled regex, how you can code for it, and how to avoid the pitfalls that compiling regular expressions present. Use-cases for compiled regex Some use-cases for regular expressions [...]

Global exception handling in Javascript

Many websites rely on significant amounts of code executing in the browser. This client-side code is written with javascript and typically uses javascript libraries. Recently Angular (by Google), React (by Facebook) and Ember (various), are challenging JQuery to become the dominant client-side library.  In this post I describe how to attach your own custom function to javascript’s global error handler [...]

Lake Waikaremoana

Michael Smale overlooks Lake Waikaremoana

Lake Waikaremoana In the Te Urewera national park, Lake Waikaremoana is an idyllic location.  We were especially lucky to have excellent weather in the week between Christmas and New Years 2015. The photo above was taken on the afternoon of the first day hiking, near the Panekire bluff Hut and over looks the southern side of [...]

Tips To Avoid ‘Miserable’ MeetUps

I usually enjoy MeetUps, but unfortunately they aren’t always awesome. Enduring miserable meetups can be a testing experience at the best of times, and they’re especially awful at the end of a long day.  In this post I explain my thoughts on what to look for, and what to avoid, when it comes to user group [...]